Site Supervisor

Full Time at Family Service Association

Site Supervisor - Bilingual - Experience Required - Site Supervisor Permit required - 2 classroom site - Riverside Area-Must meet all Title 22 requirements - Needed immediately, 


                                       Job Description

Program Site Supervisor


Job Summary:

Provides supervision and administrative support to teaching staff and children, provides ongoing communication with public and private agencies, and support to families.


Salary:           $20.00/hr (Full Time)


Essential Duties:

  1. Ensures that all duties and responsibilities of the Lead Teacher is met in the absence of any Lead Teacher
  2. Administrative:

1.    Responsible for scheduling staff in accordance with licensing requirements and site needs.

2.    Manage all aspects of employee relations for all teaching staff in the center, i.e. participates in pre-screening potential employee, conducts orientation for all new employees, and recommend terminations.

3.    Responsible for maintaining enrollment at full capacity.

4.    Reviews performance of staff, substitutes, student teachers, and volunteers.

5.    Supervise, evaluate, counsel, and discipline all employees with regard to personal and professional conduct and performance.

6.    Responsible for meeting all licensing regulations, agency policies and procedures and Title 5.

7.    Responsible for accurate update of records including but not limited to: enrollment, meal applications, bank deposits, attendance cards, Center Track, incident reports, staff supervision, meal counts, daily log records for infant and toddlers, curriculum, child observations/portfolios, and parent participation.

8.    Conducts monthly parent and staff meetings, and formalized in-service trainings according to staff development plan.

9.    Conducts quarterly Parent Advisory Council meeting.

10. Monitor and manage staff attendance, vacation time, TimeRack, etc., for efficient program operation.

11. Maintains confidentiality of children, families and employees.

12. Monitor facility service contractor (Ex: air conditioning, lawn care, building renovations, upkeep, etc.)

13. Responsible for recertification of the DRDP accuracy and implementation.

  1. Health and Safety

1.    Provides a pleasant, safe, and clean environment for children and staff that is conducive for learning and job satisfaction/development for staff.

2.    Assures that maintenance is completed in a timely fashion.

3.    Assures that fire and earthquake drills are conducted monthly.

4.    Maintains monthly health and safety checklist.

  1. Direct Service

1.    Over-see the implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities for children.

2.    Using a team approach, over-see the implementation of individual goals and objectives that are set for each child through their IEP or of developmental assessment.

3.    Work with Lead Teachers and Clinic staff to observe, document, meet with families, and make referrals to appropriate services.

4.    Greets children, parents, staff and guests.

5.    Meets the individual needs and interests of children in relation to their cultural, social and economic background.

6.    Provides quality services to children and their families in accordance with NAEYC standards.

7.    Ensure compliance with all standards, agency philosophy, and Title V and Title 22 regulations.

8.    Work in classroom as needed.

  1. Financial

1.    Collect all childcare and other incidental fees and verify accuracy of all deliveries.

2.    Operate the program within the confines of the budget and make recommendations in conjunction with budget planning processes.

3.    Submit any request for petty cash expenditures in original receipts for reimbursement.

4.    Maintain inventory records of supplies and equipment.

5.    Conduct parent and staff based fund raising efforts.

  1. Agency Promotion

1.    Work as a member of the agency team by promoting the mission and philosophy of FSA.

2.    Participates in activities that furthers own professional growth.

3.    Provides accurate information. Gives tours of sites and classrooms.

4.    Maintains and encourages professional, positive, constructive communication with children, families, and staff.

5.    Develops and maintains positive communication with public and private agencies (including school districts, regional centers landlords, etc.)

6.    Represents the Agency at community functions as needed.

7.    Assists other centers when requested.

8.    All other duties as assigned by Program Specialists, Program Administrator or Chief Operating Officer.

Core Competencies:


Other Requirements:

Licenses & Certifications:

Minimum education and experience requirements as per Community Care Licensing and Title V standards (Children’s Center Supervisory Permit)

BA Degree in related field


Physical & Mental Demands:

  1. Ability to bend over and lift 40 lbs.
  2. Ability to stand three to four hours per day and to sit on the floor as necessary.