Associate Teacher

Full Time at VIP Tots


The Associate Teacher will assist in planning and implementing classroom activities to meet the individual and group goals for children enrolled in V.I.P. Tots classes. The Associate Teacher will assist with providing programs in a safe, loving environment where self-concept is enhanced, independence encouraged, and individuality is respected.



The Associate Teacher will follow all policies and regulations set forth in the Staff Handbook and Staff Safety Manual.  The responsibilities of the Associate Teacher will include but not be limited to the following:

1.                  Follow all licensing procedures. Keep children being supervised in visual contact at all times. Assist in keeping classrooms and playgrounds free of hazards and hazardous products. 

2.                  Treat children, parents and other staff members with dignity and respect, demonstrating responsive caregiving and taking responsibility for safe environments at all times. 

3.                  Respect the confidentiality of children, parents and staff.

4.                  Meet the needs of the children and families in a culturally sensitive manner.

5.                  Participate with team members in providing developmentally appropriate activities to all children enrolled.

6.                  Observe and monitor child progress on a daily basis and document as required. Assist in observations and record keeping regarding attendance and child performance.  Discuss observations with team members at appropriate times.

7.                  Assist in implementing the daily program under the direction of the classroom teacher to meet the developmental, emotional and physical needs of each child. 

8.                  Contribute as a team member with respect to set-up, lunch, toileting, special projects, preparing materials or supplies and classroom cleanup duties. Share housekeeping responsibilities: routinely disinfecting toys and equipment, sharing kitchen clean-up and laundry duties and maintaining a clean, safe and attractive environment.

9.                  Conduct small group or one-to-one teaching sessions per daily lesson plan in the following curriculum areas: cognitive & pre-literacy, gross-motor, fine-motor, self-help, speech & language, music, and social/emotional.

10.              Be aware of and practice all program routines with respect to specific procedures such as diapering and toileting, safety issues, behavior management, etc. Complete accident, behavior incident or unusual incident reports as required in a timely manner for children and/or for staff.

11.              Report all staff injuries immediately and follow Workers Compensation policy when completing paperwork.

12.              Assist in conducting appropriate developmental screening/assessment of assigned children including the Desired Results Developmental Profile – Revised or ACCESS.

13.              Effectively supervise children outdoors on the playground so that safety of the children and respect for equipment is accomplished. 

14.              Engage in play and communication exchanges inside and outside whenever possible or appropriate.  Encourage children to interact with peers.

15.              Effectively implement appropriate and positive discipline as described by Behavior Management Policy and/or developed by classroom team. 

16.              Attend all assigned staff meetings and trainings. 

17.              Demonstrate insight into the needs of the children and make recommendations to the teacher regarding program changes.

18.              Discuss areas of concern or potential problems with co-workers or supervisors before major conflicts arise.

19.              Complete and document 21 hours of professional growth each school year. 




12 basic core ECE units per licensing.    three units each in child development, principals of ECE, child, family and community, and curriculum.



  1. Ability to relate pleasantly and sensitively to children, staff, and parents.
  2. Ability to apply knowledge of early child development to determine the educational and emotional needs of the child.
  3. Evidence of emotional maturity and stability.
  4. Evidence of sufficient security and judgment to handle crisis situations.
  5. Ability to recognize and record significant individual and group behaviors.
  6. CPR and First Aid training as required by licensing or funding agencies.



Sit, stand, reach, look down, turn neck (frequently); walk, bend, stoop, squat, push, pull, climb stairs, reach above shoulders (occasionally); kneel, crawl, lift/carry items to 10 pounds (frequently), to 25 pounds (occasionally) and 26 – 90 pounds (students, in emergencies); grasp/manipulate materials and supplies (frequently); use seeing, hearing and speaking (continuously).



Indoor classrooms, outdoor school yard and grounds.  Exposure to: student and playground noise, communicable diseases, noncompliant children, air conditioning, seasonal temperatures, dust, wind, pesticides and possible smog.



The Associate Teacher will be hired to work up to 40-hour week in order to meet the ratio requirements set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director will assign work hours.  The number of hours worked per day will be contingent upon child enrollment and/or grant funding.  Work schedules will vary depending on enrollment.  Occasional paid evening hours may be required or requested for open house, trainings or special events.   



Associate Teachers report to the Assistant Director and/or the Site Director with respect to all matters concerning curriculum, children, parents, staff or equipment.



Rates will be established by the Executive Director according to schedules set by the Board of Directors.