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Choosing Quality Child Care

Visit as many caregivers, homes and/or child care centers as you can and ASK QUESTIONS. When possible, take your child with you. Directors of high quality child care programs and experienced home providers understand how important it is for parents to have all their questions answered.

Take a list of your questions and get them all answered. Here are some suggestions:

Licensing & Staff/Child Ratios

  • Is the home or center licensed? Ask to see the license.
  • How many children does the license allow?
  • How many children are currently being cared for?
  • Are there enough caregivers to supervise the children at all times and give them individual attention?
  • What is the adult/child ratio?
  • Do staff enjoy their work?

Experience, Training & Attitudes of the Caregivers

  • What training and experience do the staff have?
  • Are parents able to visit at any time?

Programs & Activities

  • What is the daily routine?
  • Are the activities and materials provided varied and appropriate for the children’s abilities, and focused on the areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development?
  • What is the discipline philosophy?
  • What do fees cover?


  • Is the facility or home safe, clean and free of health hazards?
  • Do the children seem happy, comfortable and active?
  • Are both the inside and outside areas appropriate for children?

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